Perfectionism Procrastination Paralysis Cycle | Every Creator's Worst Enemy
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The procrastination-perfectionism-paralysis trap: every creator's worst enemy

How to get out of the vicious cycle and find joy in creating again
By Nainika Agrawal On 10 Aug,2021
Video Content Creation

As a creator, when I consume content created by creators I admire, I feel creatively stimulated and pushed to better my own content. It gets my creative juices flowing, and leaves me with a list of new ideas to work on.

Sounds healthy enough, right?

So far, it is.

However, it becomes a problem when “that’s some quality content and I feel inspired by it” turns into “if my content isn’t as good as that, it’s not worth making”. As a result of setting the bar too high, you end up in a vicious cycle instead of feeling inspired to create—the cycle of the 3 P’s, namely: perfectionism, procrastination, and paralysis.

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