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  • As a content creator, it is very important for one to be self sufficient. You know your work and vision better than anyone, right? Here's the 101 on being a self sufficient content creator, by Sejal Kumar!

    Video Content Creation
    By Sejal Kumar On 09 Aug, 2021
    28 Videos in series
    Video Content Creation by Sejal Kumar
  • Find your voice with the one and only Gully Gang, Divine, MC Altaf, Shah Rule, D'Evil, MC Heam, JD and Stunnah Beatz , who are here to take you on a rap drive. Get a chance to explore songwriting, creating songs, building a career in music, growing in the industry and so much more in detail! Visit FrontRow for more lessons:

    Video Content Creation
    By Front Row On 09 Aug, 2021
    6 Videos in series
    Video Content Creation with Gully Gang
  • Enhance your singing skills with Neha Kakkar! Right from learning the basics of singing & advanced techniques to sing beautifully, Neha will be with you every step of the way! For more such insightful lessons, visit FrontRow:

    Video Content Creation
    By Front Row On 09 Aug, 2021
    6 Videos in series
    Video Content Creation with Neha Kakkar
  • The trick to making standout content is keeping it relatable. It is content that makes your audience engage with your work and help you grow! Watch Beyounick spill all the secrets to making trailblazing relatable content!

    Video Content Creation
    By Beyounick On 09 Aug, 2021
    38 Videos in series
    Video Content Creation by Beyounick
  • Want to be a professional comic? Learn comedy, exclusively from Biswa Kalyan Rath! Masterji will teach you everything from why things are funny to turning them into solid jokes, performing live and what not! Visit FrontRow to learn more:

    Video Content Creation
    By Front Row On 09 Aug, 2021
    6 Videos in series
    Video Content Creation with Biswa
  • "Are you a social media creator struggling to build and grow an engaged audience? Alicia Souza shows you how"

    Graphic Design
    By Alicia Souza On 09 Aug, 2021
    26 Videos in series
    Graphic Design by Alicia Souza
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